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in DON KNOTTS’ living room”

- LA Weekly

“LAWNDALE practices surf music of the grandest order, raising it to the level of high art.”

“Some of the most catching originals since The Ventures.”
 - Flipside

"A Pulp Novel in Every Tune" 
- LA Reader

“Salty, psyched-out, souped-up, surf-centric, instrumental insurrectionaries
Lawndale's reliably offbeat and brilliant guitar barrage will bring a riptide of irresistible grooves crashing onto your sconce with devastating impact. Hang 13!“

- Jonny Whiteside

“If you’re not listening to what I’m listening to, the glorious and grand Sound of Lawndale, then I banish thee hence to the land of the terminally unhip…… [Lawndale’s 1st album] Beyond Barbeque is a collection of 11 instrumentals written, arranged and performed by the DEMENTEDLY SKILLED members.”
Keith Gordon-THE METRO

“Space Age post-punk instrumentals…twangy exotic sound….
quality to make one hell of an exotic wipe out.”


“...if you have any fondness for early '60s instrumentals (surf and Shadows inspired) and care to see it done with superb authenticity plus a demented tinge of Pink Floyd influence, this is the band”
 - Stone Age News

'Beyond Barbeque' blows R.E.M.’s  ‘White Tornado’ away
several times over.”


these dudes churn out a multi-textured and international concoction; summoning images of spies, samurai, saurkraught, starlets and surfers.”
- LA Reader

“Blistering guitars, wacky irreverence, and trivial knowledge of all music.”

- SST Records

“…evokes a musical background of spaghetti westerns and spy chases,
Ventures-style surf rock and glorious guitars.”

- Sweet Potato

“A must for anyone who loves instrumental
electric guitar with a surf rock tinge.”

 - All Music Guide

“'Streets of Desire' is the 'Pipeline' of the 80's”

 - Venue

“Two albums of winning twang… a refreshing dip into delightful waters.”
- Trouser Press

"Lawndale escapes the curse of the 'revival band' by being
too funny to be guilty of pomposity or indulgence" 

- Andrea 'Enthal - KPFK

“Lawndale rocks hard throughout this delightful and unpredictable album, uniting styles with effortless glee…every cut on ‘Sasquatch Rock’ is a keeper”
 - Richard Foss-AMG


“a huge witch's brew of every instrumental rock/pop classic up until the mid-80s. …..not many bands can claim Greg Ginn played guest lead guitar on one their records (“March of the Melted Army Men” ….it’s the ginchiest).”
- Pig State Recon

“Fine, freethinking freaky instros.”
- Jonny Whiteside


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